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Pescheria con Cottura: a splah of Puglia’s sea in Milan

In a city fast paced city of concrete and traffic, arrives a restaurant inspired by the sea and its flavours. Born and raised in Lecce, Pescheria con Cottura has now outgrown its fins and swam all the way across Italy turn Milan into its second home.

It has settled in one of the busiest districts in Milan, Garibaldi, and it aims to bring a breath of fresh Mediterranean air to the big city. The inspiration for the menu comes not only from Italian flavours but also from Greece and Turkey. It’s a journey through different flavours, spices, techniques and preparations.

Follow the steps to the sea

In Pescheria the menu is as unpredictable and the sea. After entering, you will be introduced to the catch of the day and to the chef’s proposals. If you have any doubts, Chef Mimmo Persano, will be more than happy to guide you through the available choices.

You can’t go thirsty

To accompany the delicious food, there’s also a wine list with more than 120 Italian and foreign labels for those who love to perfectly pair each dish with a glass of wine.

For those looking only for a drink or an aperitivo, a reserved area has been designed with elegant tables and small armchairs.

The cocktail bar or the “mixology area” is run by Paolo Mastropasqua, who created many of the signature drinks presented in the menu. These include the Negroni Mediterraneo (Gin Mare with Luxardo Bitter Bianco, Macchia Vermouth Bianco and Mediterranean bitters Sirene) or the Fairy Pools (created with Talisker Skye Whiskey, Morin Calvados, Macchia Vermouth Red, grapefruit bitter, hibiscus & lime cordial).

Dive in

And to make you hungry, here are five appetizing proposals from the kitchen

  1. Raw and marinated: Let’s start with a carpaccio tasting, made every day by the chef, with the fresh fish from the counter. It can range from star anise marinated salmon, to smoked sword-fish carpaccio. For carpaccio lovers, Pescheria con Cottura is a glimpse of heaven.
  2. The Prawn Pinzimonio: A modern and delicious pinzimonio, where instead of the stalks of celery and carrots there are delicious purple prawns of Gallipoli. And instead of olive oil there are five sauces made specifically by the chef: crème fraiche, guacamole, babaganoush with aubergines, Nordic sauce based on sweet mustard and dill – slightly spicy – based on white horseradish. To be eaten strictly with your hands!
  3. Le Orecchiette with grouper ragù … Or with Tub gurnard or scorpion fish, based on what the sea offers. The Apulian origin can be found in this typical dish of the Bari cuisine. Pasta made by hand with a simple sauce, made fresh every day.
  4. Laganaro with mussels: Another traditional and simple dish – a kind of big spaghetti that is cooked with abundant sauce and mussels.
  5. Octopus, crunchy or “a pignata”. Two different techniques used to enhance the raw material. One modern, the other linked to tradition. On the one hand the tentacles are made crunchy and lightly smoked and then served with a cream of leeks and a quenelle of potatoes. On the other hand, a version cooked in a traditional “pignata”, a clay casserole, with tomato and potatoes.

Pescheria con Cottura brings a new twist on the traditional sea flavours and there’s nothing better to celebrate summer than a plate (or several) of fish! Are you ready to dive in?