July 29, 2018 0 Comments Travel

Peru: the new surf spot in Latin America

People dream about Peru because of Machu Pichu and its priceless historical heritage, the Amazon rainforest and even the food culture. But there’s another element that most travellers tend to ignore: the coast.

And Peru’s coast is everything but small. It goes on and on for 3000 km, along the Panamericana road and it has beaches for all tastes: from white sandy beaches overlooking a calm and warm sea in the north to roughed coastlines suitable for those who are looking for the adrenaline of extreme sports in the south.


Nowadays we know that in Peru, more than 2000 years ago, fishermen were facing the sea to fish in “Caballitos di Totora” a reed watercraft. An ancient way of surfing which was born in Huanchaco. And in the beach of Punta Rocas, in 1965, the first World Surfing Championships was held, making this spot an historical landmark in the surf world.


On the beaches of the Lima region, particularly in Herradura, the waves can reach up to 4 meters in height. While on the renowned Punta Hermosa beach the waves go even higher, reaching 8 meters. In the region of Ica there’s the beach of Paracas, where you will find one of the richest ecosystems of the Peruvian coast, ideal for divers, fishing lovers and sailing addicts.

Heading north, on the Panamericana, lays Trujillo and Chicama beach. Known worldwide for the longest and most sinuous left wave in the world, this spot is a popular destination for both surf professionals and amateurs. And not much further there’s Bayóvar beach, another paradise for wildlife lovers as you can easily meet up with turtles and dolphins.

And for the two final tips: In Mancora you can enjoy a tropical paradise and be an adrenaline junky at the same time, as it’s the perfect place for surf, kitesurf, longboard or bodyboard. And in Punta Sal, there are untouched beaches and pristine water.

As you can see, the choices are endless and it shows that Peru as a bit of everything to offer. We are so ready to pack our bags and head there! What about you?!