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Falling in love with Naples: 10 things to do

Naples is the taste of pizza, the smell of coffee and the sound of Napolitan words being spoken from neighbour to neighbour. Whilst most people prioritise the museums, monuments and churches, the essence of Napoli’s true character lays within its lively streets.

Here are 10 things for you to do to fall in love with Naples:

Napoli Underground: the underground city has a fascinating history that will surprise you at every turn. There are underground gardens, Greek-Roman remains and war vestiges. Looks like a movie set, but it’s real!

Dark Naples: If you don’t mind a spine-chilling moment during your trip, then head to Campusanto d’e Funtanelle. It’s an ossuary which hosts the remains of more than 40 000 victims of the great plague of 1656 and cholera of 1836.

Naples subway art!: Considered as one of the most beautiful subways in Europe, this is one stop (or several!) that you don’t want to miss. Rich in works of art by contemporary artists – from Francesco Clemente to Pistoletto or Mario Merz and Kounellis – stations like Toledo, Università or Garibaldi make it one of the top attractions in the city!

Old Naples for young legs: in Naples there is the longest pedestrian street in Italy, the perfect excuse for some urban trekking. Start from Vomero hill, continue through Spaccanapoli and finally reach the Duomo. A little curiosity? The initial staircase was the one in which Sophia Loren sold cigarettes in de Sica’s film Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

Eat lunch made by a cesarina: Cesarine are people who want to share their knowledge about Italian traditions, recipes and culture. They open the doors of their houses and invite you to learn with them. You can book your seat at A different experience that will make your trip to Naples extra special!

The sweet taste of Naples: Prepare your sweet taste buds! Treat yourself with the sfogliatella, a small pastry which resembles a stack of leaves, of Gran Caffè Gambrinus or with a succulent babà, a yeast cake soaked in rum and topped with whipped cream, at Leopoldo and Vincenzo Bellavia’s. Or, you know, there’s always gelato!

The Quartieri Spagnoli: This is the most unique area in Naples. Here you will find cheap restaurants, daring motorcycle drivers, altars dedicated to the Madonna and murals that praise Maradona. It’s where you’ll find the soul of the city.

Napoli loves Design: Contemporary art is also starting to blossom here. Galleries like Studio Trisorio, where the trends dictate the laws, and Made in Cloister space, a renewed 16th century cloister, have become an oasis dedicated to craftsmanship. Places like Casa Brutta and Riot Studio are helping new artists to follow their passions. Naples keeps adding new layers and reinventing itself.

Eat (pray, love): Because there are few things in life as good as pizza we prepared a pizza itinerary which starts with Julia Roberts’ favourite restaurant in the movie Eat. Pray, Love – Michele – and it ends… well, it ends when you can’t fit any more slices in you.  After Michele, there’s Concettina ai Tre Santi, Di Matteo, Pellone… the choices are endless. But the most decadent kind of pizza is the fried version and you must stop by Pizza Fritta da Fernanda, the best of the whole city, to eat one.

Naples an its unmissable exhibitions!: Palazzo delle Arti Napoli is currently hosting an exhibition on Salvador Dali and his visionary and surrealist genius. But if you are about pop-art, then Andy Warhol in Cava de ‘Tirreni is our suggestion. Finally, Capodimonte Museum has a project called “Carta Bianca” (blank page), with pieces of art, chosen by 10 famous curators, which have been integrated with the museum’s collection.

Honestly, there are many other reasons to fall in love with Naples, but those you’ll find out by yourself 😉