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Fish&Chips in Milan: a new opening in Darsena

During the warm summer evenings there’s nothing better than grabbing a beer, sit next to the water and enjoy a moment with your friends. In Milano, the place to do it is Darsena. And what’s goes perfectly with a cold beer? It’s, Fish&Chips!

Ladies and gentleman, we are pleased to announce that there’s a new foodie mecca in Milan: Social Market Fish & Chips has just opened! 

The menu, simple but complete, will transport you directly to a typically British pub. It includes the classic FISH & CHIPS (fried battered cod and homemade pea sauce); there’s also an alternative called SHRIMP & Co. (shrimps and eggplant with horseradish mayo) and for the fried chicken lovers CHICK N’ CHIPS (free-range chicken marinated with lime, spices and a garlic yogurt sauce with herbs). Finally JUST CHIPS, rustic potatoes with peel.

To go along with the food, we suggest the Ichnusa beer, a Sardinian beer born on the sea of Cagliari. Nevertheless, you will find plenty of draft beer options.

And what’s the difference from your regular Fish&Chips?

Stefano Cerveni, Executive Chef of the Vista Group, has studied how to make the perfect batter with bio rice flower and non-filtered beer. There result is a healthier and lighter product, accompanied by a homemade sauce rather than your normal “mayo, ketchup and mustard”.

To make the menu wider, Social Market also proposes a “Fritto della settimana” (“fried of the week”) displayed on their chalkboard: it varies from zucchini flowers to eggplant or from squid to artichoke, according to the season.

The handy take-away package, a box with a lid and a fun design, focused on the small details, was made thinking about the summer days, sitting by Darsena, sipping on a cool beer.

Also, Darsena is the perfect location to have an aperitif (aperitivo). Here, there is no standard formula, but all the classic cocktails are available – from Spritz to Gin Tonic at Moscow Mule – and to go along with it, why don’t you order a portion of Fish’n Chips to share with your friends? Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?

fish&chips darsena social market
fish&chips darsena 1
fish&chips darsena social market 1

Piazza XXIV Maggio, Mercato Comunale 2 – Milan
Always open (8 am – 2 am)
Price: Fish & Shrimp 9,50€, Chicken 9€, Just Potatoes 4€