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Pescheria con Cottura: a splah of Puglia’s sea in Milan

In a city fast paced city of concrete and traffic, arrives a restaurant inspired by the sea and its flavours. Born and raised in Lecce,...


Forget the diet and dig in the FUD Bottega Sicula

We know it’s summer time and that you have sweated a lot for that perfect summer body, but today we have a suggestion for your...

avocado sandwich recipe

Who needs bread? A new way of eating avocado

There are few things in this world as beloved as avocado. This fruit has entered our lives and kitchens like no other and has taken...

healthy banana snacks workout 1

5 Healthy banana snacks to boost your workouts

Banana is almost a holy fruit. It’s a great source of energy for both pre and post workout, it’s packed with potassium and vitamin C...

Orto Risotto finalle

Orto Risotto: a green choice for the early spring days

Fresh veggies, parmigiano reggiano and olive oil are the main ingredients of a new recipe coming from Massimo Bellotto, an Italian chef from Pordenone. Perfect...

fish&chips darsena social market 3

Fish&Chips in Milan: a new opening in Darsena

During the warm summer evenings there’s nothing better than grabbing a beer, sit next to the water and enjoy a moment with your friends. In...