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Cappuccini: A secret retreat and the perfect summer body

Any time is a good time to take care of your body and mind: to reconnect with yourself. And we are introducing you to the perfect place to do so!

In the heart of Umbria, right next to the medieval village of Gubbio, you will find the Park Hotel Ai Cappuccini, an ancient 17th century monastery converted into a hotel and spa. In the spa, a new treatment has been developed, and it aims to tone your body and make it summer ready!

Overall, this is a place to be closer to nature, history and to escape the crowds and explore an underrated region of Italy.

Are you in for one last weekend break before the summer? Let’s go!

Discovering Gubbio

Start your day with a visit to Gubbio’s Cathedral, the main church in the village, and one its main gems. Stroll by piazza Grande which hosts the Consuls Palace and then head to Palazzo Ducale.

Finally, take a look to St. Ubaldo’s House, the ancient tower house where the Gubbio’s patron saint used to live. Outside the ancient walls there is a real Roman Theatre which dates back to the first century BC where classical music performances take place during summer.

gubbio 2
gubbio 1
Indulge yourself

Try crescia (a kind of flat salted bread with the local cured meat or with Friccò of lamb, duck, chicken and rabbit), cheese pie, dishes with truffles and brustengo, a fried bread that can be eaten and served with bacon, ham, sausage, onion and rosemary. One “must have” dessert is Ganascioni.

Rejuvenate the body

Inspired by nature, the experts of Cappuccini Wellness&Spa have developed a new treatment designed to tone and define the body. This treatment starts with a full body exfoliation which has an energizing and invigorating effect. The exfoliation is followed by a massage which will boost your energy levels and the treatment ends with an intense hydration phase.

Park Hotel Ai Cappuccini SPA
cappuccini wellness spa 2
cappuccini wellness spa

Depending on your type or skin, the treatment can be adapted and you can choose from two different creams:

– TAMANU – regenerating Polynesian essential oil
– ALBICOCCA – with a base of aloe and apricot pulp, it’s very suitable for delicate skin

Price: € 95
Duration: 55 minutes

Start bikini season feeling better than ever!

The Park Hotel Ai Cappuccini

Past, present and future blend harmoniously in this hotel. Once a 17th century monastery, this hotel is surrounded by tranquillity, silence and ancient trees. To make your stay unforgettable the hotel offer has a wide range of leisure activities to enjoy the best of Gubbio!

Park Hotel ai Cappuccini in Gubbio 3
Park Hotel ai Cappuccini in Gubbio 1
Park Hotel ai Cappuccini in Gubbio

Hurry up, summer is just around the corner!

Happy travels!