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Aruba and Aloe: a match made in heaven

Aren’t the Caribbean islands on everyone’s bucket list? They are in ours for sure and we just got news about the ultimate wellness trip to the mesmerizing island of Aruba. A full treatment for body, mind and soul.

Not many people know this, but one of Aruba’s most precious treasures is Aloe. An elixir of health and well-being with multiple benefits and endless uses: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, against muscle pain, digestive, as well as moisturizing and refreshing after a long day at the beach.

And as two thirds of the island’s surface are dedicated to this plant, it’s normal to celebrate it. So, the month of June was named the “Aloe Wellness Month of Aruba” and here are 4 tips on how you can make the most out of it:

Heat healthy and based on… Aloe!

Besides all of its benefits for a healthy skin, aloe can also be savoured, adding its vigorous properties to a tasty meal. During Aruba’s Aloe Wellness Month, several Aruban chefs will create exclusive dishes and nourishing and refreshing aloe-based drinks to make visitors aware of the beneficial and detox characteristics of this natural ingredient.

Practice yoga with a sea view

Practicing yoga is a “must” for all wellness lovers, and doing so in front of the sea is a unique experience. In Aruba, you will find daily yoga and pilates classes which will rejuvenate and activate your body and soul through movement and consciousness. And reaching that peaceful state of mind is much easier if you are doing it in one of the most beautiful beaches in the world: Eagle Beach

Create your own Aloe based scrub

The island’s Aloe Masters are teaching free lessons on how to create your own aloe based body scrub, with aloe which has been exclusively cultivated on the island. Aloe produces a very delicate and nourishing scrub that makes skin soft and luminous.

Take an early walk in the beach

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 8am, during the Aloe Wellness Month Aruba, you can walk along Palm Beach in small groups with local guides, which in addition to accompanying you in your regenerative morning walk, will reveal curious facts and stories about the island and will give you some tips to discover the hidden treasures of this incredible island.

And if you can’t make it straight away, Aruba is an incredible place to visit all year round and it has some of the best beaches, diving spots and cultural events in the world. The perfect place to isolate yourself from the world and recharge batteries. Find everything there is to know about Aruba here: www.aruba.com