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Artichoke lovers, Strunjan is waiting for you!

Yes, it’s real: there is an artichoke festival and it’s happening in Strunjan, Slovenia on the 26th and 27th of May. This flower-like vegetable is one of the prides of the region and every year in May, when the production reaches its peak, there’s a two day celebration which can be the perfect excuse to restock your artichoke supplies and visit the beautiful coast of Slovenia.

carciofi e parco naturale di strugnano

Artichokes are widely appreciated for being such a versatile vegetable: it can be steamed, stewed, fried, combined with pasta and risotto or used for the filling of savory pies and lasagna. Besides tasting delicious, it’s also very healthy  because it works as a source of potassium and it’s rich in fiber.

During the festival you will have the opportunity of trying new dishes made by local chefs, learn how to preserve artichokes and get to know more about this vegetable that is so important in Italian and Slovenian cuisines.

And after tasting so much tasty dishes you will be ready to explore the incredible views upper Adriatic has to offer. Here are some tips:

Exploring Strunjan Nature Park: The Strunjan Nature Reserve four kilometers along the northern coast of the Strunjan Peninsula between the Simon and Strunjan Bays. Among the most distinctive parts of the reserve is the precipitous wall of the Strunjan cliffs, 80 meters high. The Strunjan cliffs form the largest known coastal flysch wall on the entire Adriatic coast. This protected are is also home to a great diversity of fauna and flora!

Walk from Strunjan to Piran: The paved flat walk by the turquoise sea that connects the two cities is the perfect place to spend some hours relaxing and immersed in your own thoughts.

Visit Piran: This 15th century harbour town is one of the prettiest in Slovenia. Take your time to stroll through the main plaza, climb the bell tower or explore the fortress walls.

The fresh air combined with the healthy properties of artichokes are a great natural detox for the incoming summer months.